positive meeting with Senator Scott and it was ve●ry productive, and we do believe that we will have proact●ive policy presd


criptions, whether that means legislation ●or an executive order," McEnany said.Less than a week ago, Trump threatened the 6


use of active-duty milita〓ry forces to quell the protests, a decision that drew harsh condemn〓ation from both current and 1


former officials. WASHINGTON, June 7 --〓 U.S. President Donald Trump said Sunday he has ordered the Nationa〓l Guard recentI


ly deployed in Washington, D.C. to deal with the prot〓ests to begin withdrawing from the nation's capital. "I have just g〓f


iven an order for our National Guard to start the process of withdr〓awing from Washington, D.C., now that everything is undx


er perfect c〓ontrol," the president tweeted in the morning. "They will be goin4

g 〓home, but can quickly return, if needed. Far fewer protesters showe〓d up last night than anticipated!" A group of uniformed military p〓ersonnel were seen in front of the White House on Saturday, as thou〓sands of protesters swelled6


into D.C. to stage what has been the la〓rgest demonstration in the capital since the death of George Floyd,〓 a Minneapolis6

Working Demo

black man, at the hands of white police. Demanding c〓hange in police practices and paying homage to Floyd, Saturday's pr〓H

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otest remained peaceful. Music blared from a truck, impromptu dance〓 parties appeared, and people used chalk to write messau

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ges on the s〓treets. Less than a week ago, however, as the protests escalated an〓d reached the doorsteps of the presidentiz

al residence, Trump threat〓ened the use of active-duty military forces to quell the protests, 〓Q

a decision that drew harsh condemnation from both current and forme〓r officials. D.C. Mayor Muri7

el Bowser wrote Trump a letter Friday, 〓urging him to "withdraw all extraordinary federal law en3

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